Mischief Managers Blend

Mischief Managers Blend

15% of every purchase goes to a different charity every quarter of the year! This quarter we are donating to The Lupus Foundation of America! The Mischief Managers Blend is another one of our content creator coffees, but for a group of streamers this time! Little more info below about the group. 


"We aren’t interested in a follow for follow mentality. There are no requirements to raid anyone in this community or promote this team. The idea is simple; bring people together that are like minded in how they treat their communities. Give our viewers a place where they can find other streamers with similar communities to grow and make new friends. Even if the streamers in this community aren’t playing the same types of games, a viewer can go into a new stream and receive that same wholesome welcome they receive when in your stream."



As for the coffee itself, this is a medium/dark blend of Java and Guatemala coffees. It's has a heavier feel to it, with low acidity and fairly chocolately flavors. I also taste earthy spices like cinnamon, but don't let my opinion influence yours! Try it for yourself!



12oz bag

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