Our Ideas

Grampian Roasts is about creating unique coffee for individuals, as well as communities. We want to have something for everyone while also lifting up others. Part of that is partnering with streamers to create a roast for them and their communities. This isn't just some branded deal. We work with streamers to develop the roast that they want. In addition to that, we donate to the charity for their choosing for every sale of their personalized coffee.  

The Team


Ian Miller

Ian is co-founder, coffee researcher, and head roaster for Grampian Roasts. When not roasting coffee, he also works full time for an IT company. Coffee really combines his problem solving skills and creative mind work together. He's found that the same analytical thinking needed for IT management, applies well to coffee roasting as well. Add that to his creative side, and you get a person passionate about researching and creating the best coffee possible.

Steven Gates

Steven is co-founder, head marketer, and comedic relief for Grampian Roasts. Steven is a full-time content creator under the name Rev Sven. Coffee is his fuel for when he turns that camera on to entertain. He noticed that coffee brings a better balance of energy and clear headed approach to content with it's natural nootropics than traditional energy drinks. You combine that with his quick thinking creativity and on the fly and off the cuff comedic style and it makes for amazing content!